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BYD (1211.HK)

BYD is mainly engaged in the automotive business including new energy vehicles and

traditional fuel vehicles, mobile phone components and assembly business, secondary rechargeable batteries and photovoltaic business, and is actively expanding the urban rail transit business.

As one of the leaders in the global new energy vehicle industry, BYD has a large technology research and development team and strong technological innovation capabilities. It has successively developed a series of world-leading forward-looking technologies and established a global leading advantage in the field of new energy vehicles. BYD, as an enterprise group spanning multiple fields such as automobiles, batteries, IT, and semiconductors, has the world’s leading core technologies for batteries, motors, electronic control and complete vehicles, as well as the world’s first dual-mode technology(DM) and two-way inverter technology to achieve multiple upgrades in automotive performance, safety protection and energy consumption, and have opened up a new development path for the global automotive industry.

Auto product Line:

In the field of power batteries, the group has developed highly safe lithium iron phosphate batteries and high energy density ternary batteries, which are applied to the fields of electric commercial vehicles and electric passenger vehicles, and solve the global problems of safety, cycle life and endurance mileage of power battery. At present, the Group has established a world-leading technological advantage and cost advantage in the power battery field and has established a leading scale advantage through the rapid expansion of power battery production capacity. In addition, it actively develops SiCMOSFETs. In the future, BYD's new energy vehicles will gradually be equipped with SiC electronic control, so that the performance of the vehicle will be significantly improved on the existing basis.

Generally, the company has five business line:

  1. Auto

  2. BYD electronics

  3. Non-power battery

  4. Power battery

  5. Monorail (we'll ignore this part here)

We can see from company I/S that: in 2019A, company generated total revenue CNY127,739 mio, while company revenue for Auto, electronics and non-power battery is 59,537mio, 53,028mio, 6,435mio respectively.

So the company main business is Auto+Electronics

What is special for BYD? Or why it's good to invest it?

BYD total market cap has been doubled in recent four months, which make it to CNY436bio, and became the No.1 auto maker in China, surpassing SAIC for nearly 200bio

BYD has accumulated massive experience in automaking. They got 16 years experience in this field. Compared with TSLA and other new Chinese EV makers (NIO, LI, XPEV), BYD has a more stable and abundant manufacturing capacity, which cannot be achieved by competitors in a short period.

BYD has provided itself the core three items: battery, motor, electric control, has been mastered the electrical hardware manufacturing technology.

With the new series 'Han' accelerate selling, the whole company gonna experienced re-evaluation, upgrade company's brand in a large extend.

Compared with Telsa, BYD Han has deployed lithium iron phosphate battery, which got better performance on maximum power, maximum torque, and battery energy capacity. Battery will be the core technology and competency of NEV, and lithium iron phosphate battery got lots of potential vs. Ternary lithium battery.


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