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Why you need investing China Stock Market

Hi guys, why you need investing China Stock Market?

China has been the second largest country in terms of GDP and stock market cap.

Right now, the total market cap of China stock market reached as high as to 70 trillion CNY, nearly 10 trillion USD, which accounts 70% of China GDP. We have around 4000 listed company traded in this market and daily average traded volume 800 billion CNY.

So, Undoubtedly, it's a huge market with loads of opportunity. While US stock market has embraced a 10 year bull market, China stock market is at a relatively middle low level around 3000(SH Composite) in it's history. And we see it's gonna boom soon.

And that's why we are here.

AntPWM aims to provide with you the best insights and research of China Stock Market, leveraged by our deep knowledge and experience in China.

In our Blog Section, we will publish investing basics cover the basics and the 'must know' to invest in China Stock market. Under value investing, we'll cover fundamental ideas of some high conviction ideas by using our fundamental methodology. Tactical ideas will cover investment opportunity that satisfied our technical analysis and our algo, or in line with the Chinese government direction (event driven, for example, China encourages development EV, then many electrical car manufacturer will benefit)

In our Research Forum, we encourage every our members and subscribers to discuss specific individual stock or sector news, opinions under specific sector section. Let's build the community together.

For our paid subscriber and member, can access our premium and ultimate content.


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